Canadian Start-Up Visa

May 27, 2020 – Canada aims to attract smart, creative and dynamic entrepreneurs by granting Canadian permanent resident status through the start-up visa program. Entrepreneurs from all over the world are invited to develop their innovative and globally competitive businesses in Canada in order to stimulate job creation and innovation in the country.

To be qualified to the Canadian Start-Up Visa Program, the applicant must meet all the following requirements:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in English or French equivalent to level 5 of the Canadian Language Benchmark in oral communication, reading, listening and writing.
  • Have enough funds to settle in Canada;
  • Settle in a Canadian province other than Quebec;
  • Start an eligible and innovative business;
  • Obtain a letter of support from a designated organization in Canada;
  • Pass successfully the security checks and the medical examination;
  • Ensure active and continuous management of the business from Canada at the time of obtaining permanent residence. An essential part of the business must be carried out in Canada.

The processing time of the Canadian Start-Up Visa is of 12 to 16 months as of May 2020. The main applicant, the spouse and the children of less than 22 years old are eligible to obtain the permanent resident status in Canada with the Canadian Start-Up Visa Program.

Furthermore, the applicant has the option to obtain a work permit to accelerate the development of his business idea in Canada during the processing of his permanent resident application. Simultaneously, the spouse can submit an application for an open work permit while the dependent children can obtain a student visa.