Ireland Immigrant Investor Program: Residency Requirements and Renewal

June 15, 2020 – To maintain the residency permission in Ireland, the applicant shall be required to travel to Ireland at least once a calendar year (e.g. January to December of each year) for an initial two-year period.

At the end of this initial two-year period, the applicant shall apply for the renewal of the residency permission by providing evidence confirming that 1) the investment is still in place or that the philanthropic donation was utilized by the registered charity, 2) the applicant has not become a financial burden on the Irish State, 3) has not been investigated, indicted or convicted in relation to any criminal offence in any jurisdiction and 4) has visited Ireland at least once a calendar year.

At the end of these five (5) years, the residence permission can be renewed for another period of five (5) years if 1) the investment has remained in place for a minimum of three (3) years (no further evidence required for the philanthropic donation), 2) the applicant is not a financial burden for Ireland and 3) the applicant has not been investigated, indicted or convicted of a criminal offence anywhere in the world.

After the second residence permission renewal, the investment will be considered completed for the purpose of further renewals. Only the conditions related to the financial burden and the good conduct will then be reviewed during further renewal applications.